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Getting Smart Podcast

Oct 31, 2018

Today Tom Vander Ark is flying sololiterally, he’s flying right now on a trip between SoCal and Singapore. Just this past week he visited twenty amazing personalized learning schools in Southern California and can’t wait to share everything he learned on personalized learning today.


In this episode, Tom covers five main attributes of personalized learning, five ways teachers can support personalized learning, ten ways administrators can build systems for personalized learning, and some thoughts on spaces and architecture for personalized learning environments.


Key Takeaways:

[:14] About today’s episode.

[:35] What Tom will be discussing today around personalized learning.

[:54] What personalized learning is and the five main attributes of it.

[4:55] Five things teachers can do to support personalized learning.

[6:58] Ten ways administrators can help build systems for personalized learning.

[11:47] Tom closes this podcast with a few thoughts on space and architecture for personalized learning environments.

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