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Getting Smart Podcast

Dec 12, 2018

The Getting Smart team has been focusing on (and writing a lot on their blog) about artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications on the future of work and learning. This week, they’re bringing you an episode published back in October of 2016 on what AI means for our kids; featuring Tom, Emily, and thought-leader, Gerald Huff.


This episode is dedicated to Gerald Huff, giving honor to both his life and his incredible body of work. Gerald passed away a few weeks ago on November 17th after a short battle with cancer.


Gerald was a software engineer by trade but was very invested in education. He was especially concerned about the growing income divide in the country and the prospect of technological unemployment. This inspired him to write a novel, Crisis: 2038, a techno-thriller with a moral imperative, which was just published posthumously and is available on Amazon.


Key Takeaways:

[:15] About today’s episode.

[1:23] Tom recaps his predictions on AI.

[3:50] Tom’s predictions on what we’re doing now in education and learning that we may not be doing in the future.

[5:30] Gerald Huff introduces himself on the podcast and gives his thoughts on the applications of AI in the transportation industry and where he sees the future of human labor headed.

[12:09] Tom speaks about some of his findings on the future of AI and the connection to education.

[16:30] Tom and Emily talk about the importance and implications of adding coding to schools.

[17:53] The future of AI and its implications on higher education.

[20:02] What AI means for career technical education (CTE).

[23:40] Why should parents and teachers be talking about this? What should educators be following to learn more?

[25:18] About Getting Smart’s #AskAboutAI campaign and the areas (within AI) they are exploring.

[27:03] AI’s progress and potential risks in health and healthcare.


Mentioned in This Episode:

Crisis: 2038, by Gerald Huff


Intelligence Unleashed: An argument for AI in Education


Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Life on Earth: 101 Examples,” by Tom Vander Ark

The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World, by Pedro Domingos

#AskAboutAI campaign on

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

#FutureofWork on Twitter

#AskAboutAI on Twitter


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