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Getting Smart Podcast

Mar 6, 2019

Today, the Getting Smart team explores tips on talent development with Iveta Brigis. Iveta is a Commissioner for California’s Little Hoover Commission, but previous to that, she worked nearly a dozen years for Google as their lead Human Resources business partner.


In this episode, Tom chats with Iveta and learns more about talent development and Google’s efforts to share lessons learned with educators. She also talks about what talent development looks like at Google, the important skills that are required to be successful at Google, HR best practices for schools and networks, and how machine learning is being incorporated into HR. Later on in the episode, Iveta also describes her work as Commissioner on the Little Hoover Commission where she co-authored a recent report on how California should respond to the rise of artificial intelligence.


Listen in to hear Iveta’s lessons on talent development and policy advice on A.I.!


Key Takeaways:

[:15] About today’s episode.

[1:20] Iveta talks about her early education.

[2:21] How Iveta began to work for Google.

[3:55] As Iveta looks back at her career in Human Resources at Google, she shares what she has learned about hiring great people.

[7:50] During Iveta’s time at Google, did their standards of hiring move away from pedigree?

[9:31] What Iveta learned about the skills that are required to be successful at Google.

[12:36] What talent development looks like at Google.

[15:07] The importance of being self-directed while working at Google.

[16:26] Iveta’s take on working remotely.

[18:40] HR best practices for schools and networks.

[21:22] The surprising finding Iveta made when Google was conducting research on what makes a great team.

[24:22] How machine learning is being incorporated into HR.

[26:06] What are the implications from an HR perspective with using machine learning and A.I.?

[27:33] Iveta gives a recap of the recent Little Hoover Commission report that gave advice to the State of California.

[31:48] Some of the challenges of attracting talent skilled in machine learning.

[33:21] What’s next for Iveta?


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