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Mar 26, 2021

Welcome back to the Nevada Succeeds mini-series with your hosts, Rashawn “Shawnee” Caruthers and Tom Vander Ark! This three-part series is all about leadership, innovation, and education opportunities within Nevada Succeeds — a Las Vegas-based education non-profit focused on empowering systems transformation through educator impact, policy, and design-thinking.

In this second part of the three-part series with Nevada Succeeds, Shawnee Caruthers and Tom Vander Ark welcome Nevada State Superintendent, Jhone Ebert; Nevada Succeeds Executive Director, Jeanine Collins; as well as two teachers and InspirED Global fellows, Mike Lang and Jordana McCudden.

Jhone Ebert is the Superintendent of Public Instruction at the Nevada Department of Education. Previously, she was the Senior Deputy Commissioner for Education Policy of the New York State Education Department and the Chief Innovation and Productivity Officer at Clark County School District. Jeanine Collins is the  Executive Director of Nevada Succeeds; an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and the founder and Principal at Reflect Forward. Mike Lang is a Technology Teacher at Clark County School District who prides himself on innovation and teaching the whole student. Jordana McCudden is a teacher, instructional coach, and project facilitator at the Clark County School District. She has worked in education for 20-plus years and strives to have a positive impact on classrooms across the state.

Together, they discuss Nevada Succeeds’s InspireED Global Fellowship, why they find it so valuable as educators and leaders, how it has impacted their future plans and outlook on education, and how it has helped aid their journeys (especially during a global pandemic).


Be sure to tune in (and stay tuned for part three of the series coming next week)!


Key Takeaways:

[:04] About the Nevada Succeeds mini-series.

[1:23] About the second part of the three-part mini-series.

[1:38] Tom welcomes special guests, Jhone Ebert, Jeanine Collins, Michael Lane, and Jordana McCudden.

[2:21] Jhone Ebert gives the lay of the land in Nevada and speaks about how many students and schools there are.

[3:11] The state of affairs of education in Nevada, particularly in Clark County.

[6:53] In addition to the pandemic, what other priorities has Jhone Ebert set for her department as Superintendent?

[11:04] Jeanine speaks about Nevada Succeeds and how she and Superintendent Ebert connected.

[13:38] Mike shares how he learned about the InspireED Global Fellowship, what he did in it, and why he found it valuable.

[16:15] What it has been like for Mike to teach during a pandemic, how he has helped other teachers adjust their practice this year, and important lessons he thinks we should take with us, post-pandemic.

[19:04] Jordanna speaks about her role in Clark County, how she became an InspireED Global fellow, and how it has impacted the way she is thinking about her future plans.

[23:22] Has helping to shape education policies statewide been a byproduct of some of Jordanna’s leadership activities?

[25:01] Jhone Ebert shares her excitement and gratefulness for sharing space with incredible educators and leaders.

[26:17] Jeanine speaks more about the incredible Nevada Succeeds InspirED Global Fellowship and why it is so important — especially right now.

[28:20] Mike speaks about his week going forward as an educator.

[29:28] Tom thanks everyone for joining the podcast.


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