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Getting Smart Podcast

Feb 14, 2018

Today, Emily, the Director of Advocacy from the Getting Smart team, sits down with Jen McMillan of Detroit Prep. Jen is the Co-Founder and Head of School at Detroit Prep Academy — an elementary school located in the Indian Village neighborhood in Detroit’s east side. They’re a proud expeditionary learning school, with an intense focus on multiple dimensions of student achievement and a commitment to mastery of knowledge and skills, character development, and high-quality student work. After years of teaching in different schools across the country, Jen has learned key lessons in leading a school and is truly focused on putting students and families first.


Emily is super energized this episode and ready to share about her recent trip to Detroit Prep, so join her and Jen to hear more about the current education climate in Detroit, all about what’s working well at Detroit Prep, and all the great things Jen is putting forward.


Key Takeaways:

[2:00] All about Jen’s background and current role at Detroit Prep.

[2:52] How Jen got to where she is currently at Detroit Prep.

[4:43] What Jen has seen this past couple of years in Detroit’s education system.

[7:25] About Detroit Prep’s diverse student body and individualized support to give all children a first-class education.

[9:23] Detroit Prep’s current building hosting.

[10:19] All about Detroit Prep’s deeper learning experiences.

[11:11] Detroit Prep’s six habits of character and weekly goal student goals.

[13:17] The element of community and bringing the community experience to the school.

[15:11] What the switch to the new curriculum has been like for teachers.

[19:00] What a culturally responsive classroom looks like day-to-day for teachers and students.

[23:49] What brings Jen hope and joy about teaching and learning in 2018.


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