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Mar 28, 2018

Recently, Tom and Adam spent 3 days in Boise, Idaho touring One Stone an innovative school rooted in Design Thinking. Tom and Adam were joined by the school’s National Advisory team, including; Eduardo Briceño, Julia Freeland, Sasha Barab, Tony Lewis, and Alex Hernandez.


While celebrating and reflecting upon this innovative high school’s growth and development, the team was able to sit down and unpack the ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what’ of measuring what matters. Listen in as the advisory team shares their thoughts on this topic — taking a look at mindset assessment tools, qualitative vs. quantitative feedback, the challenges of measuring feedback, and much more.


Key Takeaways:

[:51] An introduction to One Stone and their desired learning outcomes.

[1:34] Eduardo’s thoughts on the extent to which we can and should measure a growth mindset.

[3:35] The importance of qualitative feedback vs. quantitative.

[5:13] How and when Eduardo believes One Stone’s mindset assessment tools should be used.

[6:10] Is that information from those results aggregated?

[6:58] Does Alex see any schools that are doing a good job at providing formative feedback around mindset?

[8:50] Providing qualitative feedback and the difficulties of measuring it.

[11:54] Julia’s thoughts on mindset and how to make it important in education.

[14:02] Thoughts on measuring mindsets in a quantitative way.

[16:13] Opinions on measuring and quantifying Social Emotional Learning skills and feedback.

[19:19] Thoughts on giving and receiving feedback, and the challenge of measuring it.

[20:38] How much of the mindset, creativity, and skills category should be part of a competency-based system?

[25:29] Does Sasha see gamification as a part of the answer to measuring hard stuff?

[26:09] What kinds of feedback can be given to young people about difference-making?

[27:56] Ways to help prepare people to make a difference and help them build confidence in their impact-making skills.


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