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Getting Smart Podcast

Aug 9, 2023

This episode of the Getting Smart Podcast is brought to you by our recent publication Green Pathways, and makes the case for why ALL pathways need sustainability and green embedded. Find out more here

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Tom Vander Ark is joined again by Navid Nathoo, a former guest on the podcast. Navid joined us a few years ago to discuss The Knowledge Society, (TKS), one of the most revolutionary problem-based high school supplements that we’ve seen. This time we’re also joined by two TKS Learners, Theodore and Rachel. The group joins us from a sustainability summit in Switzerland. 

Theodore is a 15 year old that is focused on solutions to the climate crisis. This has led him to work on climate tech projects in the lithium-ion battery space: working with a PH.D. student on her project of using ultra micro electrodes to increase the ionic conductivity of lithium-ion batteries at University of Quebec (UQAM) battery research labs.

Rachel is a 16-year-old activator at The Knowledge Society (TKS), with a deep interest in CRISPR and crop improvement. She is passionate about leveraging agritech to improve agricultural productivity in developing countries.