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Getting Smart Podcast

Oct 27, 2016

Senator Howard Stephenson shares more on Utah's legislative efforts to incentivize adoption of high-quality adaptive learning products for reading intervention, English language acquisition and elementary and secondary math.

Oct 24, 2016

Laurel Barrette, director of dropout prevention and high school initiatives at K12 Inc. and a former high school dropout herself, shares how K12 supports dropout prevention efforts, as well as strategies for how communities can support our most vulnerable students.

Oct 21, 2016

Drew Perkins, director of PD for TeachThought, chats with Emily Liebtag about project-based learning as the catalyst for a positive and widespread ripple effect in schools that results in positive community change.

Oct 18, 2016

Get a free ebook! A year ago we launched the book "Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning," and we're celebrating in this episode by revisiting the book, discussing back-to-school prep in several parent interviews and sharing a download code with our listeners for a free ebook copy.

Oct 13, 2016

Emily LIebtag sits down with Getting Smart CEO Tom Vander Ark and Gerald Huff, a senior Silicon Valley software engineer, to discuss the economic and educational implications of artificial intelligence.