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Getting Smart Podcast

Apr 22, 2022

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast Nate McClennen is joined by Maggie Favretti and Benjamin Freud, authors, consultants and advocates for the environment, for people and for a more sustainable future. At Getting Smart, we are thinking a lot about Green Schools - sustainable and equitable and inclusive future.

Maggie is founder of DesignEd 4 Resilience and is currently working on a new book titled Beyond Futurephobia: Teaching, Learning and Life in the Age of Climate Disasters.

Benjamin is the co-founder of Coconut Thinking and has years of experience in international schools, PBL, school leadership and more. 

Let’s listen in as they discuss how we need to shift towards kinetic energy, how human beings are actually human becomings, the importance of regenerative learning, the metaverse and much more.