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Getting Smart Podcast

Jul 11, 2018

Over the next two weeks we'll be bringing you a special edition two-part episode from our time spent at SXSW EDU. Getting Smart was a media partner at the conference and while there, we got to meet and interview thought leaders, change makers, and even a few students. These episodes come just in time to help inspire and encourage you to submit your proposal to present at next year's conference. Check out SXSW's Panel Picker site and get your submission(s) in before July 20th!

During the episode, you'll hear interviews with SXSW EDU attendees on why they attended the conference and what their predictions are about the future of work and learning. First, we speak with Connie Lie, a teacher, and founder of Project Invent — a program working to bring more invention programs and high-quality projects to high school students. Then, you'll hear from Jessica Millstone, Director of Engagement at BrainPop. Jessica shares why she loves SXSW EDU and what she believes the future of learning should look like. During the episode, Caroline on our team speaks with Tessa Simmons, a high school senior who attended and spoke at SXSW. Tessa shares how her education has been influenced by learning that happens outside of school hours and how having autonomy in her learning is important to her education. Next up, an interview with Ulcca Joshi Hanson — Associate Director of Education Reimagined — who speaks about schools she has worked with and the future of education. Lastly, we wrap up with a quick interview with Michael Crawford, Director of Strategy and Partnership at Real World Scholars, who shares his thoughts on why the future of learning will be connected.

Stay tuned for part two of this episode next week, to hear more featured voices from SXSW EDU!

Key Takeaways:

[:17] About today’s podcast and guests.

[1:35] Connie Lie introduces herself and speaks about her work background.

[2:19] About Connie’s program, Project Invent, that helps bring real, authentic learning opportunities to students.

[3:30] Are students managing projects on their own at Project Invent?

[5:36] Did Project Invent’s genesis come about from a high-quality learning experience of Connie’s?

[7:46] Why is it hard to do project-based learning well? How did Connie overcome these challenges?

[10:03] Connie’s tips for those getting started in a similar field as herself.

[11:43] Jessica Millstone introduces herself and explains what she does.

[12:18] Why Jessica is at SXSW EDU and why she loves it.

[13:50] About the well-designed sessions and meet-ups at SXSW EDU.

[15:51] The future of learning for students bringing strong connections even with the increasingly technological social media world.

[19:02] What Jessica thinks is on the horizon for learning.

[22:02] Tessa Simmons introduces herself and talks about the school she attends — One Stone.

[23:54] How Tessa’s education has been influenced outside the classroom, at One Stone.

[25:26] About the student leadership at One Stone. How getting involved and having a say at the school has helped shape Tessa’s learning.

[26:45] How preparing material for the board of directors at One Stone has helped Tessa prepare for her future.

[28:29] How has failure propelled Tessa forward?

[30:11] Where Tessa has been able to take risks in her education at One Stone.

[31:07] What is Tessa’s hope for the future of learning and students just going into high school?

[33:07] When Ulcca Joshi Hanson thinks about the future of education, what does she see?

[34:30] Ulcca talks about Education Reimagined and explains what they do.

[37:43] An example of a school Ulcca is working with that is competency-based learning, student agency, personalized, social and contextualized learning.

[39:33] Ulcca’s experiences growing up and how that helped lay down the path to her future.

[43:14] Michael Crawford introduces himself and explains his work at Real World Scholars.

[45:10] What does Michael see for the future of learning?

[46:01] Would Michael describe a future grad of Real World Scholars as a ‘connected individual?’


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